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ZYLIA MUSIC is the world’s first portable recording studio that allows you to record entire 360-degree sound scene with 19 microphones placed in one device ​plugged directly to your laptop. ZYLIA Studio software will separate tracks and AUTOMIX them together to get a balanced recording or you can have fun mixing them on your own

It’s easy to use, sound is very natural with incredible quality, and the AUTOMIXING effect is amazing.

Odoo • Image and Text


3rd order Ambisonics microphone array. Capture the whole ​360˚ audio scene in the way you hear it in the real world with 19 embedded digital microphones. Create immersive 360 degrees sound scenes for your 360/VR/AR and games projects in Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA) format. ​According to our customers, the spatial resolution ​of ZM-1 is brilliant